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Monthly Meetings - What's On & When


Monthly Meetings of the RSV are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month


St James Anglican Church Hall,

Corner Burke Road and High Street,

Glen Iris at 8pm (Melway Reference 59 H 8).


January January is summer break time. The first meeting of the year will be in February.
February 9
March 14

John Neal – Hulthemias and their Influence in Rose Breeding

Rosa persica, sole member of former genus Hulthemia, is very different from other rose species that have been much used in breeding through history. It is on the very edge of breedability and challenging to hybridise, but successful efforts have produced some exciting new rose cultivar introductions in recent years. You might have seen 'Eyes For You', which is a popular and widely available example here. Come to this seminar to learn what makes 'Hulthemia hybrids' so unusual and fascinating, and the story of how they came to be.

April 11

Chloe Thomson – Organic Crop Protectants (products will be available for sale - cash only)

The age of natural pest and disease control is here! As understanding continues to emerge of the dangers of many chemicals used in gardens, people are increasingly embracing new products being developed that promise safe natural preservation of garden plants and large scale horticulture alike. This is a growing scientific and commercial field. Keep abreast of the latest at this seminar.

May 9

Discussion Panel – Bring Your Questions

No question is too novicey or too obscure if the answer will help you understand your roses and their best practice husbandry. Come along and join the brainstorm and take this opportunity to learn from Victoria's most experienced rosarians!

June 13

Dr Jacinta Burke – Garden Friends and Foes

Absolutely essential for a healthy garden is knowledge of exactly those critters here specifically in Melbourne and surrounding regions that gardeners love to get rid of, and those that assist in that endeavour, in pursuit of minimisation of artificial controls. Some of the information covered in this seminar will extend the April 11 topic of organic control. Learn about the interdependency of the organisms that make up your rose-dominant ecosystem and how to keep the whole thing functional for the best possible health of your roses.

July 11

Diana Sargeant – Roses for 2017

Diana Sargeant is co-owner of Silkies Rose Farm at Clonbinane and the author of "All About Roses: A guide to growing and loving roses", the book for anyone who wants to eliminate unnecessary and harmful chemicals from their garden and do things the healthy organic way.

August 8

Annual General Meeting

Veronica O’Brien – Rose Travels

Our president Veronica is the best kind of traveller: a knowledgeable and enlightened one, especially on the subject of roses. She is also a very fine photographer, so this presentation will be the perfect combination of information and beauty.

September 12

Brad Alden-Brown – What’s New at Rankin Roses

Rankin Roses in Garfield are the licensee for Delbard, so are the one grower and supplier here of Delbard Roses.
October 10

Laurie Newman -Creating the Perfect Bunch of Roses

Can a bunch or roses actually attain perfection? If for anyone the answer is yes, that person would have to be Laurie Newman. A respected judge of more rosarian experience than most people have lived, Laurie knows the way to make the most of the natural beauty of roses.

November 14

No Meeting

December 12

Noreen Donovan and Members of the Waverley Floral Art – Christmas Roses

We are fortunate in this hemisphere to be have both roses AND Christmas at the same time. This opens up the opportunity for double delight- possibly even with Double Delight, if you grow it. Season's Greetings!


January January is summer break time. The first meeting of the year will be in February.
February 9

Diana Fickling- Companion Planting

Diana is a talented garden designer and maker who has appeared on Gardening Australia. She will share her precious knowledge of all the best things to plant with roses for the most beautiful and healthiest garden possible.

March 8

Maureen and Paul Lucas – Gardens of Singapore

Maureen and Paul have been travelling and will take pleasure in sharing their observations on the goundbreaking gardens in the very different climatic, geophysical and cultural conditions of the densely populated equatorial Island state of Singapore.

September 13

Shirley Yates - Heritage Roses

Are you interested in precious old fashioned and in many cases very rare roses? Come along and learn what makes them so special, how to care for them, and stories of heritiage rose 'rustlling'.

October 11

Show Workshop

Why not exhibit your roses this year? Maybe for the 30th year, maybe for the first time! You don't need to be an expert to share your beautiful roses and see them enjoyed by hundreds of admiring visitors at the Spring Rose Show. This workshop will guide you in preparing your blooms for the show.

November 8

Michele Endersby - A Year in the Life of A Rose Artist

Each artist possesses a unique inner fire that drives the production of their art. Michele's talk is a rare vignette in which we can perceive the thought processes, methodologies and happenstances that bring forth her artworks

December 13

John Nieuwesteeg - Propagating/Budding Roses

At the coalface of rose production are immensely skilled specialists like John, who can bring back rare roses from the brink of extinction and into commerce again. How does one rose plant become many? John will show us how.

The Committee endeavour to make each meeting as interesting and informative as possible so that members may add to their store of knowledge of roses and rose growing.

Meetings are usually finished by 9.30pm, followed by supper.

At most meetings a mini rose show competition is held where members may practice their show bench skills and new members may learn how to show roses and get on-the-spot advice from the experts. Or, simply bring your beautiful roses for all to enjoy.

Members are encouraged to ask questions and bring along samples of their rose problems for expert advice.

What would you like to see and hear? Do you have knowledge, ideas or experiences to share? Contact us: we are eager for input.

Visitors are most welcome to attend.


March 10th Dr Bruce Chapman and Dr Jacinta Burke – Pests and Diseases of Roses
April 14th Showbench – The Judges’ Perspective – Bring along your roses and have their merits discussed by a panel of judges.
May 12th Laurie Newman – Pruning Roses
June 9th Brad Alden-Brown from Rankins Roses – Delbard Roses