An excellent Open Day at Rosemont

Last weekend, Maureen and Paul Lucas of Rowville had an open day in their famed garden ‘Rosemont’. This was very well attended; $642 was raised and has been contributed to support the fast-approaching 2021 World Rose Convention. Many thanks Maureen and Paul for this generous effort!

Rosemont is an organic garden. It was planned that way from the beginning, back in 1994, when the approximately 1/3 of an acre vacant block was full of English Ivy, brambles and Wattles. Clearing was followed by ‘no-dig’ layering of newspaper, manure, compost and mulch. Those were the days, when there was still newspaper!

The plants fortunate enough to live in Rosemont are many of them drought-friendly perennials and shrubs; any and all plants suitable for our hot, dry summers, such as succulents, cacti, hundreds of bulbs, Iris, Salvias, Pelargoniums, Clivias, Plectranthus along with of course perhaps 100 roses (which once established are also quite able to go it alone even in the heat and dry). Maureen’s name for the garden is ‘Garden of 10,000 plants’.

The garden is beautiful in every season and is designated an official ‘Garden for Wildlife’.

There are no toxic chemical pest controls – but there isn’t a pest problem, because the garden is in a state of ecological balance in which any annoying species are naturally controlled by other organisms. This means also that there is a beautiful feeling in the garden as it buzzes with joyous life, being host to precious native bees, frogs, lizards, perhaps 30 species of birds, and of course the odd possum.

Everything was created and constructed by the couple. The design of the garden was Maureen’s domain, while Paul is the builder of all the structures: the potting shed, fences and edging, decking and arches.

What delight, a paragon and a model for all gardens here in the southern parts of the country.

Maureen and Paul are members of the Rose Society of Victoria Inc. Maureen was a judge at the RSV Spring Rose Show this year. She is a National Horticultural Judge, the Garden Writer for The Senior Newspaper in Australia, Editor of the Australian Horticultural Judges’ Magazine and the Travel Writer for the local Rowville/Lysterfield News. She also freelances for other publications. Paul, who was a past President of the Knox Home Garden Club, is an accredited National Photographic Judge, an award-winning photographer and the photography writer for the Rowville/Lysterfield News. He is on the Committee of the Garden Clubs of Australia.