2019 RSV Xmas Party Official Report

A beautiful prize

Well our dear RSV has ended the rosy year with heaps of fun, laughter and the happy company of friends, at the final meeting.

It was a really joyful party. We had a glorious dinner with an extraordinarily delicious selection of edibles contributed by culinary geniuses. There was general hilarity during the raffle with much coveting of the great rosy prizes. Lots of giggles also with Jacinta’s overseeing the quiz with intense competition and limited attention paid to hints referencing, as usual, The Rose News, our members’ journal. All the Spring Rose Show victors were anointed and burdened, in suffering, with silver trophies. Helen was a friendly and approachable speaker. It’s always fun to peruse the trading table and marvel at the perfection of the roses on the show bench, which participants lovingly take the trouble to prepare and transport and display for all. Rosalie’s floral arrangement was glorious.

It’s amazing what devotion and fellowship can accomplish. Thank you so much for this lovely gathering, all who generously put in your time energy and resources.

The vibe gets happier all the time. We have lots of new members and they bring loads of joy to our society, carrying us forward into the future, which in any sense you like, looks rosy!