We are now able to meet again in person!

After last year’s cancellations, we’re delighted to be getting back toward normal again, with even perhaps a few improvements; made possible by our move to the new venue with its beautiful outdoor spaces, our first gathering of this year, a (slightly madcap) lawn bowling ‘game’, was terrific fun.

But there are still a few limitatons.


  • We all have to sign in at each meeting, just in case Covid contact tracers should ever need to follow up. It is quick and easy, and there will be assistance provided as needed.
  • The regulations still demand that we stay 1.5m from each other (wear a mask if this is hard to do- or even just because it’s a good idea), and definitely if you have any slight feeling of malaise, be extra-cautious and stay home.
  • Supper at meetings has to be a bit of a pared-down affair because just now, we aren’t allowed to bring a ‘plate’. So, for the cost of $2 per person, it’s just simple snacks such as cheese or sweet biscuits that have been hygienically wrapped as set out in the new Covid regulations. Tea and coffee will still be served, as always. We can preserve the memory of past delights, ready to restore them nimbly when circumstances permit; with plenty of roses we can mark and keep hallowed the places a home-made sponge or rhubarb slice will one day (but not for long!) again stand.


  • Instead of the usual exhibition and competition, there will be a leisurely, non-competitive exhibition, a ‘Spring Rose Spectacular‘. This will be held at Gardenworld 810 Springvale Rd, Braeside, on November 20 and 21, Saturday and Sunday respectively. Regulars will know Gardenworld as the place we usually hold our ‘Autumn Rose Spectacular’ (a ‘spectacular’ is a lavishly produced performance, according to the dictionary…with roses, ‘lavish’ is a given).
  • For members of course, there is the monthly meeting for November, which this year falls on the 10th. Just for us, we’re holding a small show in the aeons-old magic of twilight at our usual venue with its walls of glass opening onto green. Bring ye all your roses and revel!

If you are not yet a member, you can always join. We will welcome you, and look forward to hearing what special things you have growing in your garden.

Update: 9 April 2021 – Capacity for seated venues:

“From midnight on Friday 9 April, Victoria moved to allow 100% of seated indoor and outdoor capacity for entertainment, cultural and sporting venues, up to a maximum of 1,000 patrons per space.” The current Victorian Government guideline