AGM time again!

It is once again the time of the Annual General Meeting. Office-bearers will be appointed/re-appointed and a list of matters will be voted upon by the membership. If that is you, please know that your contribution is greatly valued and your vote needed. If you are not yet a member, you are welcome to join.

It’s been arranged to hold the AGM on

  • Tuesday 10 August 2021
  • at 8pm

and we’re hoping very much that we’ll be free to meet in person on that evening, and that each member will come along and participate.

Still, as you know, during these extraordinary Covid times things can change quickly, so Plan B will be to hold the AGM over Zoom. If it’s to be Zoom, an alert and instructions will go out to members by email and be posted here. Wait for emails, and watch this space and our Facebook page for updates as we go.

Whichever way the meeting is to be held, and whether as a member you are able to attend or not, it would be appreciated if you could email/snail mail your vote. You will probably have received the relevant advice and form by email. If not, to get started, email Carl Ellefsen [[email protected]]. He’ll help you from there.

The closing date for email/postal votes is Tuesday 3rd August 2021 (so please take our presently slower than normal snail mail time-lag into account and mosey on [or sprint] down to the postbox/post office well in advance). 

Photo at top:
a recent frosty morning at Werribee. Fifty volunteers, including our beloved prezzie Sandra – or a maximum of 10 during Covid lockdown – keep the Victoria State Rose Garden looking immaculately beautiful.