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If you are not yet a member, there is always the option to join and attain the right to vote in the AGM.

Non-members may safely ignore this:

On November 10th- nearly six months later than usual thanks to ‘Covid’- will be the Annual General Meeting at which will be processed all the usual topics such as membership and money matters, the upcoming year’s office bearers voted in, and more.

Might the ‘more’ part interest you? If there is a Rose Society matter you would like raised at the Zoom AGM that is not yet listed in the Agenda as up for discussion, you can have it added when you register beforehand (essential). Your community welcomes your participation.

Save and open the AGM info file, and follow the instructions to register.

The time and date of the AGM:

8pm Tuesday 10th of November. On Zoom.


If you are not yet a member, there is time to join if you would like to participate in some serious official business.

Non-members may safely ignore the following temporarily mysterious acronmyn:


Esteemed RSV member, read on to find out how you can be involved in deciding our future direction. There are documents for your interest. You can download them via the links in the list below, or all at once via the link at the end.

Changes are being proprosed to be made to the Constitution (many thanks to David Beard), including a new mission statement for the RSV, and an updated Constitution. Would you like to take part in the October Special General Meeting? You can get ready for this by having a look over the following:

Notice of the SGM

Special Resolution

Rules applying for the SGM

Explanatory Memorandum

Proposed Constitution

Old Constitution

A Special General Meeting to discuss and resolve only this matter, is being held on Zoom on October 13th.

Register beforehand to add your voice, as per the instructions in the SGM Notice. Once you’re registered, we’ll send you the Zoom meeting link for you to follow and be part of it.

The SGM time and date:

8pm Tuesday 13th of October 2020. On Zoom .


Victoria, Walled Garden State

“The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be quiet, alone with the heavens, nature and God. Because only then does one feel that all is as it should be.”

Anne Frank

Anne Frank

Fortunate indeed are we if we can go outside, as many of us are once again confined to home, continuing the quiet contest against the spread of ‘Corona’.

It was hoped things might be safe enough for the RSV to recommence meetings come July. Time has really sprinted; it is now July, and it grieves us to have to admit that this would not at all be a safe moment to meet…nor is it possible to guess when might be.

We are so looking forward to resuming all our happy-making social activities around roses, so looking forward to seeing each other again. Dear member, we hope it will be soon.

As with increasingly leathery squeaky clean hands that crave cocoa butter, we keep being vigilant, keep up the distancing, we send warm smiles of encouragement. More power to us all.

We’ll keep you appraised of any updates as they come to light.