For those new to Zoom…

We can now meet in cyberspace looking like a giant Brady Bunch, using the application “Zoom”.

With Zoom, people can see and hear each other. Everybody’s faces appear all together in a big grid, or you can see each face as that person speaks, as you wish.

The host of the meeting can also make presentations with sound and visuals, whether still images or documents or film.


The simplest way (but also most limited experience) to join a meeting is by simply dialling a number. In this way, you can listen and speak, though not see or be seen.

  • Call (03) 7018 2005.
  • A robot will answer and prompt you to enter the meeting ID (Monthly Meetings page under the relevant meeting date in the accompanying info), and then in the next step, instruct you to enter just a hash (#). You will presently be admitted.


Download and install the Zoom software from If your device is a phone, the file will be rather large; 140MB for an iPhone/iPad and 117MB for an Android phone. For PC the file is smaller at about 14MB.

  • On the Monthly Meetings page, locate the meeting for the relevant date, with meeting description and a Meeting ID.
  • From 7.45 pm onwards (for an 8pm meeting), click on the words “Join Zoom meeting”
  • A new web page will open where you will be prompted to enter the Meeting ID.
  • Wait a minute or two as invisible processes take place.

Presently, you will be admitted to the meeting and be able, joyfully, to see and/or hear all those participants who have cameras and/or microphones on their devices.

If you have a camera you will be able to be seen (if you so choose).
If you have a mic, you will be audible when the host permits and when you choose to be.
If you have neither cam nor mic, you can still watch and listen.