The Spring Rose Show

is was to be a little bit different this year. For 2021, it will be would have been a

Spring Rose Spectacular … but it’s had to be cancelled

We’re very sorry for yet another cancellation. You know how it is- sad not to gather in person and show off the roses. But we’re keeping on ticking over with our online meetings and keeping our connection alive. Stay tuned.

It will be would have been a resplendent array of spring blooms in unrestrained abundance. Rosarians who would, in a competition year, select extremely carefully for technical perfection are would this year have been free to show off the sheer overwhelming spring rose bounty. Prepare – next time around- for solid walls of scent; tea rose scent, damask rose scent, bourbon rose scent, myrh scent- you be the judge- and undulating clouds of colour.

With no exhibition class limitations, it will be would have been a free-for-all of creative combinations and arrangements.

Each year, our big spring event is usually on the weekend that falls about a week into November. This year, it is o
Saturday 20
th November


Sunday 21st November



810 Springvale Rd, Braeside, 3195

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