Australia has been awarded the honour and burden of hosting the 19th World Federation of Rose Societies Convention in 2022. The National Rose Society of Australia is now launching a splendid fundraiser for this event.

Available for purchase, with part of the proceeds to go to the Convention fund, are cases of wine from Patrick of Coonawarra.

The Coonawarra region is particularly good, and therefore famous, for wine production: “Coonawarra’s terra rossa soil is one of the notable terroirs of the New World, covering an area of just 15 km x 2 km north of Penola. It lies on a shallow limestone ridge, raising it above the swampy land either side” []

Terra rossa ( Italian for “red soil”) is a type of iron oxide-rich red clay soil produced by the weathering of limestone. Compared to most clay soils, terra rossa has surprisingly good drainage characteristics. This makes it a popular soil type for wine production. []

Here are some words from Patrick of Coonawarra’s website about the way they grow their grapes:

“Best practice viticulture techniques such as minimal spraying, organic composting, and canopy management are employed to produce optimal fruit.   The cool climate combined with an exceptionally long ripeing period allows for balanced acids in the grapes and gentle fruit flavour development.” []

Reisling and Sauvignon Blanc are $120 per case.

Shiraz and Cabernet/Merlot are $150 per case.

Combination dozens as per your preference are $155 for all red, $125 for all white, and a mixture of white and red wines is $140.

Download a printable pdf order form for detailed descriptions and ordering information (1.6 MB)